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Reiki Healing


               The Japanese word Reiki is derived from rei (“universal”) and ki (“life energy”). Reiki is a form of Japanese

spiritual healing. Reiki has its foundations in the ancient healing practices of Tibetan Buddhism, and was apparently forgotten until its rediscovery in the late 19th century. As a practitioner I channel ki, or “life energy” in to the body to rebalance and replenish areas where it is depleted.

Channeling Reiki is also to clear the

practitioner’s own energy blocks,

encouraging inner strength and self-worth. Reiki aims to promote health, maintain well-being, and help people attain a higher consciousness. As a practitioner, before acting as a channel for Reiki, my physical and spiritual (or “etheric”) bodies need to be “attuned” according to ancient and secret symbols revealed in initiates in three stages over two years. Once the healing channel is opened, it will remain active for life.

Reiki can always be used when an intent for healing is requested. One is asked to “formulate one’s intent” ( to say what you wish the practitioner to treat), yet, since it is believed that Reiki “works for the highest good,” it may not offer a cure. 


Each treatment lasts 45-60 minutes and are

designed to be deeply relaxing. You lie fully clothed on a Reiki treatment table and I as a practitioner hold on or over your body aligning chakras (the body’s energy centers), releasing energy blocks and scanning for the answers of “dis-ease.”

Some report feeling relaxed after treatment,

others feel invigorated.



Some of the main issues being treated with Reiki


Stress related conditions including:


Fatigue, Insomnia & Anxiety

Emotional Distress

Pain Relief

Any Physical, Mental or Emotional disorder

Past Life Healing

Heart & Circulation

Chakra Balancing


Digestive Disorders

Thyroid  Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalances

Adrenal Health

Financial Worries

Nutritional Counseling

 Meridian Alignment



Melanie Osborne, CHT  

Herbal Therapeutics, Reiki Teacher & Reiki Master


Bath Salts

Natural Soaps


Aroma Theropy

Melanie Osborn

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